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Welcome to the website of John Anthony West
Author, lecturer and guide, John Anthony West delivered a seismic shock to archaeology in the early 1990s when he and Boston University geologist Dr. Robert Schoch revealed that the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, showed evidence of rainfall erosion. Such erosion could only mean that the Sphinx was carved during or before the rains that marked the transition of northern Africa from the last Ice Age to the present interglacial epoch, a transition that occurred in the millennia from 10,000 to 5,000 BC.

“Egyptian civilization was not a development, it was a legacy” – John Anthony West

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Upcoming Magical Egypt Trips

1. October 22 — November 4, 2016

I will be updating my website shortly with trip-specific details, but meanwhile the generic information currently posted covers all essential information needed to sign on to this trip, including the online registration form.

This is the first time I’ve sent an Eg-Update alert to my entire private mailing list and I’ll have it posted to my website shortly. But even without specifically promoting the upcoming trip, a substantial number of inquiries have already come in. So, those keen to participate might want to send in deposits sooner rather than later.

2. There will almost certainly be at least one other trip in the first quarter of 2017. Dates not yet finalized. In the detailed follow-up to this alert I will address the perennial (but ever-changing) subject of safety in Egypt.

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If you are on this list because you’re interested in and appreciate Symbolist Egypt and the work I and my colleagues do to make this great Civilization available and comprehensible to the world (and, while we’re at it, re-write all of ancient History), here’s a quick, painless, cost-free way to say “thanks”.

My glamorous, fearless, multi talented model/actress/painter daughter, Zoe, is currently participating in a contest to select “Miss Jetset” for the cover of “Jetset” a popular internet magazine.

(For detailed info on Zoe, check out these links and judge for yourself.



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Breaking News:

Coming soon to a computer near you! An interview with John Anthony West for our planned new DVD series Magical Egypt 2.0: The Symbolist Tour Continues.  more...


Breaking News:

This may be your last chance to see Egypt with John Anthony West!  more...

The Four Cowboys of the Apocalypse



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More good news!

Robert Schoch and I have formed a production company, Akio Enterprises, (which I’ll explain in detail in due course) looking to produce both documentary (and maybe even feature) films and books as well. We thought we had the financing together for our ambitious follow-up to Mystery of the Sphinx but unfortunately that seems to have evaporated.


Nevertheless, we now have the “smoking gun” evidence we have long sought (Gübekli Tepe in Turkey) and we are convinced that we will be able to get the funding together to produce Zep Tepi and the Dawn of Civilization. It may not be long before the quackademics are smoked out of their ivory towers once and for all.


In tandem with Akio Enterprises, we now also have a plan to activate our long-hibernating but still-breathing Foundation, and we also have enthusiastic and knowledgeable people aboard to make it happen via micro, (and, with luck, not-so-micro) funding.  For starters, Schoch and I are actively compiling/writing a book about our decades-long but still ongoing Sphinx battle (working title: Dancing Down the Bridge of Sirah: A Scientist and a Scholar Fend off the Unicorns and Take On the Paradigm Police ... explanation to follow ...eventually)


Curious note: For decades, back before the computer was invented, I dreamed about a way to do an end run around the cannibals and barracudas of Hollywood and mainstream television via some grassroots system of funding. But I could never think of a practical way to make it happen. The digital revolution now makes that possible. Stay tuned! Now it will happen.


PPS. I’ve mentioned this before. Much of my time the past few years has been devoted to working with my firebrand friend and colleague, trend forecaster Gerald Celente. Most of the turbulence going on now, and which will surely get much worse over the the next few years, was predicted in The Trends Journal, which has grown from an 8 page black-and-white newsletter into a substantial full color, take-no-prisoners unique magazine.


It features art work and spectacular graphics from Eugene Gregan and Anthony Freda, two of America’s most talented artists, and articles by a number of extraordinarily knowledgeable contributors. Celente has a proven, uncanny knack for connecting the dots in three dimensions.


I am co-writer / historian / philosopher / sometimes-comedian-in residence. Check out


Conscious Media Network Video Interview:

Conscious Media Network
Note that the site now requires a subscription to view video interviews... but you can get a free 5 day pass if you don’t want to sign up.


An excellent and fun to watch video interview of John recorded by the Conscious Media Network at the CPAK 2007 Conference. An enlightened bunch, the Network features many, many quality interviews to catch up on and offers much of value to enrich understanding.



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SEKHMET SPEAKS: Patriotism - A Second Opinion 
For those who’ve not accessed the previous Sekhmet Speaks articles posted to my website, I’ve reprinted an edited version of the original introduction, written for the ephemeral English magazine that published the earlier Sekhmet Speaks essays. The rest should be self-explanatory.  More.

A handful of remarkable books, each in its way a significant contribution to its particular field, and together providing a significant contribution to the overriding quest to demonstrate both the reality and the specifics of the lost wisdom of the ancients. More.

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